Hey, how are you doing?

Most likely we met in person and I gave you a few recommendations for bars and restaurants.

I am a bartender myself and I keep receiving rave reviews for my customer service and deep knowledge of flavors.

Going out for me is experiencing different cuisines, combinations, and the fascinating stories behind each dish and drink.

I’ve been writing food & beverage reviews on Google for a few years now and it always fascinates me how many people find them useful and follow my advice.

I realized I have more to give and I want to create adventurous tours for food enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs alike.

Most popular pictures from my reviews

5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar – Times Square

Craft cocktails with an amazing view! Great addition to time square and can’t wait to go back and try the ceviche!

Please Don’t Tell

Phenomenal cocktails and vibes! Love this place and always coming when I’m in the area!!


Amazing food! Some very interesting and delicious options to choose from, plus the sangria was amazing as well! Luckily Peter gave amazing service to make the experience complete! Can’t wait to go back again to try some of the different pizzas and desserts! 😋